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HOST: Australian Association of Special Education Victoria Chapter

AASE is a broadly based, national organisation that advocates for quality educational programs and services for students with disability and special education needs. This TeachMeet is the second of several planned PD events organised, including several day-long Trauma PDs around Victoria.

LOCATION: Heatherwood School

Heatherwood is a school for secondary aged students with a mild intellectual disability.
Our educational motto is 'students learning for life', and our mission is to equip our students with "an education that enables them to grow into independent, confident capable people; fully equipped to make their own way in the world".
370 Springvale Rd, Donvale, 3111, Victoria.

Date :
Wednesday, June 21st, 4:30 - 6:30PM
4:30pm - 6:30pm
Heatherwood School, 370 Springvale Rd, Donvale
Hosted by:
Leslie Foster of Heatherwood School and Clark Burt of AASE
Contact details:
Leslie 03 9842 8319 OR Clark clarkburt@gmail.com
*Please note, parking: Parking near the front office is very scarce. We recommend you park in the Manningham DISC lot just north of the school. If you are coming from the South (aka Eastern Freeway), 200 metres PAST the school entrance is a road (Astelot Drive) that you can turn left onto, and there are two sets of parking lots--please park in the lower lot. If using GPS, you can Google "Manningham DISC" or "Manningham YMCA Statdiums". Feel free to ring Clark 04 35 081 131 with any issues!

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• Teachmeets rely on participants voluntarily presenting
• Presentations can be about any material you want to , class management, learning styles, teaching methods, tech tools, cool websites, global collaborations etc
• Teachmeet Melbourne maintains a 'non-commercial' stance to presentation

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Lesley Foster

Heatherwood School

K. Clark Burt
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