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2017 ACHPER Exchange

Health and Physical Education Primary Teachers

Tuesday 28 February 2017
Time: 4.15 - 5.30pm
Venue: Black Hill Primary School,601 Chisholm Street, Ballarat

The ACHPER Exchange is a FREE event to bring teachers together in an informal environment to share their experiences and teach each other. This powerful format of Professional Learning is a great way to meet other teachers in your local area, and gives you the opportunity to share great ideas.

Come along and share an idea or to simply connect with your peers.

Presentations info:

  • Teachmeets rely on participants voluntarily presenting
  • Presentations can be about any material you want to , class management, learning styles, teaching methods, tech tools, cool websites, global collaborations etc
  • Teachmeet Melbourne maintains a 'non-commercial' stance to presentation

I would like to present!
Presenter name
Presentation title
2 or 7 minutes
Chloe Dew
idoceo for assessment
7 minutes

Bernie Holland
Are all FMS created equal
7 minutes

Bernie Holland
4 v 2 v 2 Invasion Game
7 minutes

I'll come along and enjoy the atmosphere!

We like to know that we will have an audience and how many chairs to prepare, please enter only the information you want to share.

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Wayne Lynch

St Columba's School – Ballarat North