Welcome to Teachmeet Melbourne
"Who dares to teach must never cease to learn" John Cotton Dana
This is a space for organizing physical or virtual meetings of teachers in and around Melbourne and Victoria, Australia.

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Please help one of our Teachmeet Melbourne members and supporters, Bern in her research into Communities of Practice.If you are an Early Years (first 5 years of practice) and SECONDARY based. Please help.button (21).png

See the 2016 page to add in your offer or suggestions for events

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Anyone can host a TeachMeet and if you would like help - just get in touch with any of us on Twitter@medg56 @melcashen@ccoffa

References :

Teachmeet Article worth reading for background and issues Teachmeets: Guerilla CPD by Liz Bennett, Course Leader MSc. Multimedia and Elearning, University of Huddersfield

We have our very own BrainPop Video - TeachMeetMelbourne